Hurdy Gurdy

I have final ordered a Hurdy Gurdy.  My gofund page is still active because any money will help pay for it.  I order the gurdy from  It has 2 melody string, and 3 drones along with the buzzing bridge.  In addition I put upgrades into it so each drone has a capo on it, it has buttons to turn strings on and off, sypathetic strings that work almost like natural reverb (they vibrate wth the instrument) and am getting it color treated to be a dark orange with black highlights.  I am also going to experiment with acoustic guitar pickups or making my own contact mic.  I can not wait to get it and learn of to play.  My goal is to make this a traveling instrument and be able to write and perform at music conferences and in the streets.  Hopeful I can get good enough to put a call for scores out for composers or have friends write music for me to play and record.

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