Set Theory in Max/MSP

I started a new job teaching and part of my teaching load is post tonal theory.  As I was teaching a course I thought to myself, there is no program that I could find that gives the prime form, subsets, transpositions, pitch centricity, ICV, complimentary set and a summation square (for invariant tones under transposition).  So I got the idea to use the Bach library in Max/MSP and build a patch that gives all of this information in an easy to understand and manipulate fashion.  Here is a screen shot

Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 2.13.24 PM.png


The top left box shows the main interface where you can enter sets in different ways, transpose the information, a histogram for note occurrences, various boxes for different transpositions and buttons to bring up the other screens.  The top right screen gives you a summation square for invariant tones under transposition, bottom right is all the possible subsets and the bottom left is a pitch lattice that shows the set in another way.

My future plan is to take all the subsets and add an abstract subset function.  I have been using this for my own personal compositions and analysis but also as a way to think of other tools that are useful for understanding music.  it is my hopes that other types of graphs and functions will be added so the patch turn into a visual analysis tool for various types of music.  Right now I am not openly distributing the patch, but if you are interest in it, email me and I will send it to you.  All you need is Max/MSP and the Bach and Cage packages.


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