Music For Fixed Media

Concrete Kristallnacht 2021 Audio

Sound Noise Experiments #2 in collaboration with Kelly Rossum 2021 Audio

Generative Stacking Of Small Particles for Any No. of Channels Fixed Media 2020 Audio

Sigh Interrupt Cycle for 8 Channel Fixed Media 2018 Audio

Establish, Corrupt, Broken, Fixed Media 2016 Audio

Lament to Millions of Lost Souls, Fixed Media 2015

Dying Stars Bring Light to a Dark Sky, Fixed Media 2014  Audio

When Will the Destruction End?, Miniature, Fixed Media 2014  Audio

x>pow(10,-4), Miniature, Fixed Media 2013  Audio

No Harm Shall Come to Others, Fixed Media 2012  Audio

The Beauty of Radiation, Fixed Media and Video 2013  Audio

Meditation of a Tree, Fixed Media 2011

A Journey Through a Gazing Ball, Fixed Media 2010  Audio

Unconscious Reality, Fixed media 2010  Audio

Terrorism, Fixed Media 2007

Week: 7 Miniatures of a Week, Fixed Media 2007

The World, Fixed Media 2007  Audio

Evolution of the Jagged Butterfly, Fixed Media 2006

Music for interactive electronics with or without a solo acoustic instrument

Sound Noise Experiments #1 for Trombone and Live Electronics 2021 Audio

Noise Experiment #00 for Analog Electronics Video (start at 19:15)

An Endless Reflection of Sound for Supercollider, Interactive Electronics and Live Coding 2019 Video

Homage to Lucier & Merzbow for Triangle and Live Electronics 2019 Audio

Definite Failure for Realtime Notation and Saxophone 2017 video

From Noise Comes Being, Interactive Electronics 2016

Inter Diabolus et Virgo, Interactive Computer 2015  Audio

Life of Astronaut, Voice and Interactive Electronics 2015

Story of My Lover, Computer and Voice 2014

Limited Aggregation, Multi Percussion and Interactive Electronics 2014

91o(X) F[+X]F[-X]+X,FF, Interactive Electronics 2013

15o(A)A+C[F], F+[D]-[G+A]F, A-[F+C]+B, F<F[FA], F+<A-B[C+D], D[A-F]<E, E<[A]+F[B-D], Interactive Electronics 2013

32o(F+F)F[+F][-F]F[-F[-F][+F]F], Interactive Electronics 2011  Score   Audio

The Formation of Heavy Matter (for Anthony Braxton) for Sopranino Sax and Fixed Media 2012

M101 for Cello, Analog Electronics and Interactive Computer 2011

Sounds of Auditory Hallucinations, Interactive Electronics 2010  Audio

Navigate, Bass Flute and Interactive Computer 2008

Bow Shock, Marimba and Interactive Computer 2006

Music for Electronic Music Ensemble

Noise Book for Electronic Music Ensemble 2019

Apophenia for Electronic Music Ensemble 2018

Small Groups Of People Bring Collapse, Electronic Music Ensemble 2013  Audio

Florets for Live Coding Laptop Quartet 2012  Audio

Dystopia, Electronic Music Ensemble 2011  Score  Audio

Music for Wind Ensemble/Band

When to Look at the Loss of Humaity for Wind Ensemble and Live Electronics 2019 Score

Founding for Soprano and Wind Ensemble 2017 Audio

Music for Orchestra

Extrasolar, Orchestra 2013 Score

Music For Duets through Chamber Ensembles with and without Electronics

Reflections on Acoustic Noise for Wind Ensemble, String Quartet & Hurdy Gurdy 2020

Unstable Revolutions for Piccolo Trumpet, 4 Bb Trumpets, Fixed Media and Video 2019 Video  Score

Nimiety Redux for Trumpet and Piano 2017 Score

Laniakea Elegant Beauty for String Quintet, Bass Clarinet and Flute 2016 Score

Invisible Signals for Open Instrumentation, Computer and Electromagnetic Microphone 2016 Video

Thixotropy, 2 Computers, Collaborator Veronica Lam 2016  Audio

5 Image Interpretations, String Quartet 2015  Score  Audio

Cherry Blossom and Blood, Open Instrumentation 2015  Score

Tri Voice Duality, 3 or more Voices 2013 revisited 2015

The Garden, Bass Clarinet, Trumpet, Bass Trombone and Voice 2015  Score  Audio

Burning Shrine Crumbles Score, Multi Percussion Duet 2014  Score  Audio

The Conception of Chaos, SATB Saxophone 2014 Score

The Chaos, The Mother, SATB Saxophone 2014

Pain as Told By The Prophet, SATB and Computer 2013  Video

Traversing Eternity (12 miniatures), Violin, Cello, Piano and Computer 2013 Score

Nal, 2 Violins and Computer 2013

Entanglement for Guitar Quartet 2012  Score  Audio

A Nighttime Walk for Clarinet, Violin and Cello 2010

The Village of Small People and Animals, Flute and Piccolo 2009

Music for Solo Instruments

Color Eyes, Solo Flute 2020 Audio

Sound Pictures in a Lonesome Mind, Solo Flute 2020 Audio

When Chaos Shrouds Utopia, Multi Percussion 2014  Music

Shifting Spaces, Piano 2013 Score

Purgatory Score, Solo Bassoon 2013  Score  Audio

Unseen Sounds for Solo Violin 2012  Audio

A Meeting of Florets, Piano 2011  Score  Audio

Sound Installations

Reflective Tunnel 2012  Video recorded by Spencer Topel

Reflective Catacombs 2015

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